Veterans Treatment Program

This country’s Veterans have served under the worst of conditions. They are heroes who deserve to be treated well. Our Veterans’ treatment program focuses on building lifelong lasting recovery for every Veteran. We treat drug and alcohol addiction.

Additionally, we offer help for mental illness, including the kind rooted in trauma. Our goal remains to restore honor, hope, and respect in each Veteran we treat. Then, they can live their post-service lives in a healthy, happier way. 

Veterans Treatment Program Begins With Detox

Treatment for addiction begins with detox. During addiction to drugs and alcohol, harmful toxins build up in the body. These toxins must be released in order for a person to begin recovery. Then, the person will have a clearer head. This allows them to focus on learning to stay sober. 

Detox usually means having some withdrawal symptoms. Some can be physical in nature. These include headaches, vomiting, shaking, sweating, and more. Still, others are psychological or emotional. In addition, these also include feeling depressed, anxious, or moody.

As a result, detox can be a challenge to complete. For this reason, our Veterans’ treatment program can provide vital medications. They can reduce and even stop many withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, Veterans have an easier time in detox. How long detox lasts depends on several factors.

These include what substance the person was abusing and for how long. Additionally, their physical and mental health can factor in. Along with that, the type and severity of any withdrawal symptoms they have influences the amount of time. In general, detox lasts from a few days up to 2 weeks. 

Veterans Treatment Program Residential Care

After detox, many people move to a Veterans treatment program that takes place inpatient. This type of residential Veterans treatment program helps men and women begin to do the true work of staying sober. Residential care requires the person to live in a facility 24/7. They receive several types of therapy. Each one helps them embrace sobriety.

These include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • 12-Step therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Treatment for trauma

We work directly with Veterans Affairs. This allows us to provide care specific to the needs of Veterans. We offer a plan for vets of all ages and walks of life.

This ensures our Veterans find out the root cause of their issues. Then, we teach them new skills to address those issues. As a result, they leave us set up for success. 

Aftercare Programs for Veterans

What people learn in detox and residential treatment proves important. However, no Veterans treatment program is complete without a plan for aftercare. The lessons learned in the first steps of treatment start the process of recovery. Then, aftercare is what seals the deal. It provides the final step to help Veterans be successful in staying sober for life. 

Aftercare can include the following:

Sober Living Homes: This option can be a great place for people who have completed detox or residential treatment. For some, it’s a good step before returning home, and this can be because they just aren’t ready to go home yet. It may be due to having a home situation that is toxic or unsafe. Sober living allows the person time to work on their recovery in peace. Meanwhile, they can make plans for the right living situation back home. 

Outpatient Treatment: Many of the treatments that begin in detox and residential can continue in outpatient care. These include things like individual, group, and holistic therapy. Lessons learned in initial treatment can be built on during outpatient sessions. In fact, the longer a person remains in treatment, the longer they tend to stay sober. 

Support Groups: Support groups bring together people with common goals. They include 12-Step groups, non-12-Step groups, and other peer groups. Furthermore, support groups help people hold each other accountable. Lastly, they allow peers to give and receive support and advice. 

Veterans and Mental Health

Mental illness can enter anyone’s life. However, Veterans are at great risk of developing mental health conditions. Because of this, Veterans’ treatment programs should offer help designed to treat it. To put it simply, trauma impacts the lives of many Veterans.

Serving in the military can also be grueling. This is especially true during acts of war, for example. It puts people at risk of being wounded or killed. Moreover, serving in the military can cause emotional and psychological difficulties. Consequently, Veterans can develop distressing mental health conditions.

These include disorders like anxiety, panic disorders, and depression. Additionally, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also affects many of them. In the event a Veteran’s mental health suffers, they will need skilled, caring treatment. With this in mind, Sunrise Rehabilitation and Recovery treats more than substance use disorders. We also have a proven program to treat challenging mental health conditions.

Our Team Members Include

  • Psychiatrist
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Primary Therapists/Counselors
  • Mental Health Technicians

Find Help at Our Veterans Treatment Program

Are you or someone you know a Veteran who needs help with drug or alcohol abuse? At Sunrise Rehabilitation and Recovery, we understand the complex need for treatment for Veterans. As a result, we offer a world-class Veterans’ treatment program. We’ve helped countless heroes find the space needed to heal. They learn to recover from their addiction.

Additionally, we treat any mental health illnesses they also have. This includes PTSD, which affects so many Veterans. We offer detox, residential, and aftercare programs. Contact us today and let us explain how we can make a real difference. 

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