Sunrise Rehabilitation and Recovery is a safe and structured space for Veterans and First Responders who want to stop drinking, using drugs, or find healing from PTSD and mental illness. Located in San Marcos, Texas, our facility is central to local 12-step meetings, resources, and creates a safe space so our Veterans First Responders can safely begin the process in a serene and uninterrupted setting. Our facility in San Marcos creates the perfect atmosphere to find healing and solace when you or your loved one need it most.

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If you’re a Veteran struggling, you’re not alone. Sunrise Rehabilitation and Recovery understands how difficult life can be when you are facing addiction, mental health issues, or PTSD. At Sunrise Rehabilitation and Recovery, our specialized treatment programming for Veterans has helped countless individuals find the strength needed to recover. Call us now at (877)302-4333 or fill out the contact form below.

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