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Letting Go Of Guilt And Shame In Addiction Recovery

20 May, 2022

Veterans can experience extreme guilt and shame in addiction recovery from experiences of trauma in combat, military conflicts, and deployment difficulties. Some veterans experience a sense of survivor guilt after combat injuries or death w …

Finding A Rehab Center For Veterans Of The US Navy

13 May, 2022

Naval rehab centers revolve around a number of different programs for alcohol dependency, substance abuse, and co-occurring mental illnesses that may be present. Opioids, chemical dependencies, alcohol, and a combination of addictions can b …

Understanding Drug Use In The Military

15 April, 2022

Drug use in the military is dangerous for many reasons. Since 1999, 17,000 people received a discharge from the US Military because of drug use. Failed drug tests have increased by 82% since 1999 in the Air Force and 37% in the Army. The Na …

Are Veterans Becoming Addicted To Opioids?

11 March, 2022

The number of veterans addicted to opioids is double that of the civilian population. Veterans are faced with pain from injuries in combat, challenged with mental illness symptoms, and justifiably frustrated with managing life with prescrip …

Treating Depression After Leaving The Military

18 February, 2022

Leaving the military to join the civilian lifestyle after years of being enlisted is a challenging transition. An awareness of how much life has changed in civilian life does not come to light until the time comes to find a job, jump back i …

Veteran Substance Abuse Statistics

11 February, 2022

Veterans exposed to severe traumatic events, death, combat, and military sexual trauma carry with them an intense level of pain, raw emotion, flashbacks, nightmares, and never-ending memories they wish they could forget. Yet, the military c …

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