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When you make the decision to get help for drug and alcohol addiction, it’s important that you feel like you have the support you need to reach your objective. Our team is comprised of addiction rehab professionals and mental health experts who are specialists in their fields. Each member is dedicated to helping Veterans find the hope they need to overcome addiction and mental health disorders. Each member of our staff not only understands the military ethos but uses it as the foundation to build highly-effective treatment plans that focus on long-term recovery for each of our clients.

David McClintock Lt Col USAF (Ret) – Executive Director

Mr. McClintock served 23 proud years in the United States Air Force as a Medical Service Corps Officer. His military career was as a Health Service Administrator upon which he commanded several different positions from Medical Logistics, Medical Information Systems, and Business Operations. During his last assignment, he served as the Chief Information Officer for the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Surgeon General. In 2014, he retired from the United States Air Force as a Lt. Colonel. After his Military career, he found a niche in the Correctional Facilities throughout the state of Texas as Regional Health Care Administrator for the GEO Group (Providing services to 14 Correctional Facilities throughout the state of Texas). ln 2022, his Passion to help his fellow Veterans struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders, led him to join Sunrise Rehabilitation and Recovery group as Program Director.

Medical Director: Matthew Brams, MD

Matthew Brams, MD, is currently the CEO and owner of Memorial Park Psychiatry. He alsoserves as Founder and Principal Investigator at Bayou City Research, Inc, in Houston. Dr. Brams earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, and his Doctor ofMedicine degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. He completed his residency in Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr. Brams is a recipient of the Nancy Roeske Award for outstanding medical student education. He is the principal investigator in over 150 key clinical trials in both adult and pediatric populations investigating a broad spectrum of psychiatric illnesses, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, and mood disorders. He is also an invited presenter at numerous regional and national medical conferences. In addition to having lifetime board certification in Adult and Child Psychiatry, Dr. Brams currently serves as a Senior National Board Examiner for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He is also a member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). For the past seven years, Dr. Brams has been a national presenter on the diagnosis, pathophysiology, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders at both the American Psychiatric Association and AACAP annual meetings.

Kristina Bustos, MS, LPC, LCDC

Kristina Bustos, MS, LPC, LCDC has been a trauma specialized addiction and mental health counselor for 5 years. She earned her BS from the University of Phoenix (2015) and her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Texas (2017). She is currently a PhD Candidate specializing in Clinical Psychology. Her dissertation focuses on the efficacy of treating veteran trauma utilizing EMDR via virtual platforms. She started her career as an Airman in the US Air Force where she moved from Avionics to project management. She moved into a leadership role in 2012, working as a change manager in the ophthalmic health sector. Following her graduate studies, Kristina began working as a mental health therapist specializing in addiction, post-partum, and trauma counseling.

As a veteran, Kristina believes that the therapeutic process should be trauma-informed, integrative, collaborative, and generate sustainable results. Kristina utilizes her passion for change management and clinical therapy to facilitate environments that allow clients and clinicians to thrive. While she offers fundamental trauma methods such as EMDR and CPT, she uses a variety of empirically proven modalities to deliver clients and clinicians to their potential. It is her passion for treating veterans, first-responders, and law enforcement that led her to Sunrise Rehab and Recovery as a Clinical Director.

Kathleen Olivarez, MSN, RN

Kathleen Olivarez, MSN, RN has been a Registered Nurse for 22 years. She earned her BSN from the University of Arizona (2001) and her MSN in Nursing Leadership for Grand Canyon University (2010). She started her career in the Intensive Care Unit at a Level 1 Trauma center, where she practiced for 10 years. She moved into a leadership role in 2010. Kathleen has served as a charge nurse, clinical manager, and most recently the Director of Clinical Education.

She leveraged her clinical experience to drive change and excellence. In a world where everything is always changing, Kathleen is the one constant. From her love of the healthcare profession to her empathetic nature as a driving force, she remains steadfast in her abilities and passionate for the practice. To have the ability to embrace change and find the knowledge to drive that change is one of Kathleen’s unique qualities. In 2021, her passion to help individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders, led her to join Sunrise Rehabilitation and Recovery group as the Director of Nursing.

Chad Wysong, LCSW

Mr. Wysong has a diverse career that directly informs his practice as a therapist with Veterans and First Responders. He started his career as an entrepreneur, starting a moving company (dealing with people in distress!) that he profitably sold after six years. He then began a sales career with Time Warner relying on the interpersonal skills learned while he was an entrepreneur to build consensus and strengthen relationships, winning numerous sales awards. Mr. Wysong returned to his education and earned a Master of Social Work, clinical track, and on graduation was recruited by the federal government to work at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. He held multiple positions during his time at NIH and rose through the ranks to Deputy Executive Officer, GS-15. Mr. Wysong was engaged in administrative functions including human resources, training, mentoring, and managing teams where his social work training was an asset. Consequently, as collateral duties he was chosen to be a federal mediator for employee management disputes and to be a change management officer on a systems upgrade affecting 30 states and billions of dollars in transactions. Mr. Wysong moved back to Texas in 2017 and transitioned to clinical social work practice as a therapist. Working at Texas NeuroRehab for one year then moving to Infinite Recovery as a substance abuse therapist for two and a half years prior to finding his home at Sunrise Rehab and Rehabilitation after earning an advanced credential, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

“My training and experience across occupations working with a wide range of people and duties gives me a broad perspective to relate to and honor others’ experiences. I am an empathetic, solution oriented, and effective therapist for Veterans and First Responders. Also, I have experienced alcoholism and substance myself and I have been in recovery for 27 years. I am grateful that I get the opportunity to work with Veterans who have sacrificed for our country, and to First Responders who willingly face danger every day for our health and safety.”

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