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How to Support Someone in Drug Detox

19 August, 2022

If you have a loved one or friend about to enter a drug detox program, learning how to support someone in drug detox is essential. Successful detox can be attained with the support and care from loved ones during a challenging process. Deci …

What are the Signs of Vicodine Abuse?

12 August, 2022

Signs of Vicodin abuse may initially begin with taking more pills than prescribed. Innocent enough, but addicts begin to build a tolerance to the drug and begin taking more pills to achieve not only the desired pain relief but also the euph …

Am I a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

05 August, 2022

Making it a practice to have a few drinks before heading home, then pouring a few after arriving home, and then a few more drinks before bedtime may cause one to ask, “Am I a high functioning alcoholic?” In most situations, that …

Equine Therapy For Veterans

22 July, 2022

Equine therapy for Veterans is also known as Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT). The use of horses in the treatment of mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and behavioral conditions has proven to be an effective therapy method to add to a …

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

15 July, 2022

Addicts using more than one substance to purposely affect both the mind and the body are engaging in polysubstance abuse. Currently, polysubstance abuse is diagnosed as a substance use disorder, no matter how many substances are involved. P …

First Responder PTSD Symptoms You Should Know

08 July, 2022

First responders are at high risk for developing PTSD because they face traumatic events in accordance with their occupations on an almost daily basis. Firefighters, EMTs, ambulance personnel, and police officers deal with tragic situations …

Signs And Symptoms Of Opioid Use Disorder

17 June, 2022

Signs and symptoms of opioid use disorder begin with physical and mental changes like mood swings, depression, anxiety, constipation, and lack of coordination. Prescription drugs that alleviate acute and chronic pain can escalate into an ou …

How Can I Find A Support Group Meeting Near Me?

10 June, 2022

A support group meeting can be helpful and motivating for Veterans in recovery from addiction or mental illness. It can be challenging to find a support group meeting. Reaching out to counselors, mental health professionals and other recove …

Do You Have Anger Management Issues?

03 June, 2022

Anger is a normal emotional response, but have you wondered if you need help managing extreme bouts of anger that you can’t seem to control? Recognizing the facts can help you identify if the level of anger you are experiencing is normal …

Letting Go Of Guilt And Shame In Addiction Recovery

20 May, 2022

Veterans can experience extreme guilt and shame in addiction recovery from experiences of trauma in combat, military conflicts, and deployment difficulties. Some Veterans experience a sense of survivor guilt after combat injuries or death w …

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